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8 Must-Have Car Gadgets to Upgrade Your Car in 2021

The Indian automobile aftermarket offers an excellent range of great car gadgets and devices to help make your driving experience safer and enjoyable. This article puts together a list of such 8 best must-have car gadgets in 2021.

Benefits of car gadgets

Even the simplest of car accessories that seem unnecessary can actually add to your driving experience. Here are some key advantages of upgrading your car with some great car gadgets:

  • Safety of the passengers

Safety of the passenger is the utmost priority and a crucial factor to consider when one is planning to upgrade their car. A dashcam is one such device that constantly records the front and side view of the car. These recordings come really helpful in case of legal proceedings after a collision.

  • Organised and clean interior

Different car gadgets and accessories like a vacuum cleaner, car trash can, back seat organiser, trunk organiser, pet seat cover, etc. can help you to keep the car interior organised and clean.

  • Increased convenience

Car gadgets majorly serve to make driving easier and comfortable. Such gadgets include utility-focused devices to help load and store cargo, GPS navigation systems, storage options for the occupants, smartphone mounts, etc.

  • Car interior decoration

A lot of accessories like a fancy car charger, a stylish dashboard mount, an elegant trash can are car interior accessories to amplify the appearance of the car.

  • Entertainment on the go

With the technological advancements of the era, car accessories have evolved to even act as a source of entertainment. Entertainment car gadgets include devices like a smartphone to FM transmitters, voice-activated audio control units, etc.

Top 8 must-have car gadgets 2021

This list includes the top 13 must-have interior accessories for car or car gadgets that add enhance your driving experience and add value to your life:

  • Tyre inflator or foot pump

A car tyre inflator or foot pump is a compact version of air compressors that are used to fill air in vehicular tyres. Michelin tyre inflator is one such gadget that is not only powerful enough to inflate a flat car tyre to 30 PSI in less than 5 minutes, but is also super easy to use. A handy tyre inflator comes useful in situations when your car’s tyre goes flat far away from a repair shop or for regular tyre pressure maintenance at home.

  • Rear view mirror dash cam

A dashboard camera is an extremely popular device these days. While this digital video recorder fixed on the dashboard or the windshield is used to record fun moments during travel, the recordings also come useful during legal proceedings after a collision as an evidence or proof.

  • GPS navigator

The GPS navigator system is a revolutionary development of the modern era. This device brings the entire world map right at your fingertips as you can get directions to just any place on the globe. This makes a GPS navigator a must-have car gadget in 2021.

  • Dashboard decoration

A dashboard decoration is also one of the most popular Interior accessories for car. While deity idols top the list of the most common dashboard decorations, you can also utilise the space to install a stylish gadget or a fancy air freshener.

  • Air purifier

Air purifiers have also become a must-have car gadget due to the increasing degree of air contamination, both outside and inside the car. An air purifier is a device made up of a special filter medium that functions to trap all foreign contaminants like dirt, dust, bugs, foul odors, smoke, germs, and other allergens and make the air inside the car healthy and clean to breathe. Installing an air purifier also enhances the efficiency and fragrance of your car air freshener.

  • Tyre pressure gauge

A tyre pressure gauge is a compact and handy device that you can always keep in your car’s glove box. It comes really helpful in keeping a regular check on the pressure of your car’s tyres as underinflated tyres not only affect the fuel economy of the vehicle, but also make the tyre wear faster. The Michelin digital tyre pressure gauge is the best recommended option for its mini size- it can be slipped in your pocket or tucked in between the car keys, and for its accuracy.

  • Car kettle

This is another must-have car gadget, especially if you spend a lot of time inside your car or if you have an infant who always needs a bottle of warm milk. A hot car kettle can be used to warm up water or beverages inside the car. The kettle is plugged into the cigarette lighter socket of the car from where it draws power.

  • Car vacuum cleaner

Keep your car neat, tidy and organised with a car vacuum cleaner as this is a handy car gadget, especially for cleanliness-freaks. Vacuum cleaners can either be cordless or the cord can be connected with the cigarette socket but a cordless vacuum cleaner is easier to reach in every nook and corner of the automobile.


So, here were 8 must-have car gadgets to upgrade your car and enhance your driving experience. If you are planning to revamp your automobile with some cool and high-quality gadgets, then Carorbis.com is an car accessory online store that offers an authentic collection of premium quality car parts and accessories from the most trusted brands in India.


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