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11 Yummy and Funny Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Child

Birthday is the special day of life when you get lots of gifts, love, and prayers. Celebrations with your friends, family, and colleagues double the fun and make each moment worth remembering. Gone are the days when you go to the nearest cake shop and order the usual cake for birthday celebrations. Nowadays, the availability of the latest technology has made it feasible to customize the cake according to your choice and occasion.

If your child’s birthday is around the corner, you must think about something creative this time to strengthen your bond with him. Looking for a cartoon theme cake? Why don’t you try Pokémon Theme Cake for your superhero?

Surely, it is the perfect idea to bring an incomparable smile to your kid’s face because kids adore every single character of the cartoon.

Currently, we are sharing some funny and lip-smacking birthday cake ideas to bring real enjoyment to your child’s birthday party.

Read on!

  • Pokémon Theme Cake

Does your child play Pokémon games? Does he love to watch Pokémon movies and cartoons daily? If yes, then why don’t you buy a Pokémon cake for his birthday? Indeed, it is one of the finest gifts for your little monster, especially if he loves this cartoon character so much.

Pikachu and electrify design on the cake’s top look so amazing and never fail to grab the attention of everyone. It’s really fun to wear a Pokémon costume and decorate everything thematically.

Precisely, it’s the best gift a child could ever ask for.

  • Minion Cake

Have you watched the Despicable Me movie? Isn’t it a great movie for your kids?  The little minions in this movie are bothersome, impulsive yet hilarious, and cute. The minions are so endearing and if your kid admires them, make him happy with minion cake on his birthday.

You can customize this cake in any preferable flavor, including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, black forest, etc.

However, selecting a top-notched cake shop is imperative because only professional bakers can customize a cake flawlessly. So, choose your bakery/ cake shop wisely.

  • Jungle Theme Cake

Find us a kid who doesn’t love Simba, Pumba, Timon, or Mowgli. No surprise, kids love to watch cartoons that feature animals. So, don’t you think ordering jungle theme cake is an incredible way to express love for your kid?

The professional bakers decorate the cake with eye-catchy frosting and use fondant to create cute little animals.

  • Boo Bear Cream Cake

Sometimes simple cakes look more delectable and striking to kids. If you always want a simple and elegant birthday celebration, you must choose Boo Bear Cream Cake for this sophisticated party.

The cake’s detailing, including eyes, fur, ear, and mouth, make it look more appealing. In particular, it’s the perfect treat for your little sweet tooth chap.

  • Kungfu Panda Theme Cake

It’s every kid’s hobby to learn Kungfu panda moves every time they watch the cartoon. If your kid practices to become a dragon warrior, then you should surprise them with a Kungfu Panda theme cake on their birthday. Usually, the cake comes with ‘furious five’ decorations.

Remember; don’t forget to add your kid’s favorite character on the cake. Also, choose your child’s preferred flavor.

  • Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse cartoons are still ruling over kids’ hearts, and they can’t get enough of them. The mesmerizing design and charming cartoon characters on the cake’s top give a magical impact and bring a great grin to your child’s face.

  • Barbie Doll Cake

Girls and their never-ending love for dolls!

Baby girls collect Barbie dolls and play with them all time. So, think about making your baby girl’s day special by ordering a Barbie doll cake on her birthday. It’s a fantastic way to get lots of kisses and hugs from your daughter because a Barbie doll cake means a lot to a girl.

  • Winnie the Pooh Cake

Let’s talk about the cutest, most innocent, and beloved cartoon character. Yes, we are talking about Winnie the Pooh Cake. Every kid watches Winnie the Pooh cartoon and enjoys his innocent mischievous nature.

‘Winnie the Pooh Cake’ is a suitable choice for your baby boy/ baby girl’s birthday. This cake can bring the sun spirit of Pooh the bear and a memorable smile to your kid’s face.

  • Doraemon Cake

This robotic cartoon character brings joy to everyone’s face due to naughty activities. You can buy Doraemon cake and make it yummy by choosing the desired flavor.

  • Tom and Jerry Cake

It’s a morning ritual for kids to watch Tom and Jerry’s cartoon before going to school. No kid can say no to these super entertaining cartoons. Surely, your kid loves Tom and Jerry too. So, it’s an amazing idea to double his birthday fun with Tom and Jerry’s cake.

  • Donald Duck Cake

Donald duck is another classy cartoon character with a crazy fan following. Kids love this lazy and naughty cartoon character. So, surprising your child with Donald duck cake can make him the happiest kid on this planet.

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It’s Time to Order the Cartoon Cake

It’s quite tough to pick one specific cartoon cake because they all are so wonderful. You can choose your child’s favorite and make his day special.

Always opt for the right shop for the prompt delivery of the finest cartoon cakes.



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11 Yummy and Funny Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Child

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