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Similarities and Differences between PRP Hair Therapy and FUE Hair Transplant

PRP hair therapy & FUE hair transplant are considered ideal treatments for hair restoration. Both hair treatments are getting massive recognition globally due to their remarkable results. People from all over the world prefer PRP Hair Transplant Dubai due to its incomparable and satisfactory outcomes.

But have you ever thought about the similarities and differences between both of these miraculous hair treatments?

Indeed, this million-dollar question requires proper consideration and a reasonable answer.

Gladly, the present discussion highlights some significant differences and similarities between PRP hair therapy and FUE hair transplant.

Keep reading the entire discussion to know more about the most suitable treatment that ideally meets your requirements.

Things to Know About PRP Hair Therapy

PRP therapy (Aka Platelet-Rich-Plasma therapy) is the latest technique to restore your fallen hair. Usually, certified surgeons combine this method with other treatments to speed up the process of hair growth.

Before we discuss how PRP treatment works for your hair, don’t you think it’s important to know what PRP hair therapy is?

PRP is obtained by separating red blood cells from the collected sample of an individual’s blood. Recently, platelets and plasma gets separated from the blood cells.

Precisely, plasma can be obtained by removing RBCs from the blood. Remember, a specific device is used for the collection and separation of platelets for hair transplant.

The surgeon injects the separate platelets into the intended area of the scalp by using a syringe. This minimum invasive technique with no side-effect and downtime is quite effective for a person who wants to regrow hair without painful surgery. Unlike hair transplant, this procedure doesn’t require you to take off from work. You can resume your routine life activities after some rest.

So, if you are looking for a safe procedure to treat hair fall, you can opt for PRP hair therapy without any second thought. Pain, swelling, and red on the scalp after surgery are pretty normal. Everything gets better within a few days.

Things to Know about FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant (Aka Follicular Unit Extraction) is considered the most popular hair restoration treatment these days. In this treatment, the surgeon extracts individual hair follicles from the donor site and transplants them into the intended area of the scalp.

This minimally invasive treatment is secure with minor side effects. However, one-by-one hair follicle extraction takes some time but is worth the wait. Unlike FUT, the procedure is safe and doesn’t cause unbearable pain. This surgical treatment may require follow-up sessions if you have severe hair loss.

PRP Hair Therapy Vs. FUE Hair Transplant

As mentioned earlier, both of these hair restoration techniques are everyone’s favorite due to their incredible outcomes. PRP and FUE hair transplants are two different hair treatments, but their ultimate objective is the same, i.e., maximum new hair growth without any pain.

Here are some similarities and differences between both treatments.

  • The key objective of both treatments is to ensure the natural regrowth of newly transplanted hair.
  • Both options are safe, secure and ensure evident results.
  • Both hair treatments guarantee natural-looking and long-lasting results.
  • Both treatments take some time to regrow the hair.
  • You can easily find out a professional surgeon for both treatments.
  • Amazingly, both treatments can be performed quickly.
  • The prompt recovery time of FUE hair transplant and PRP hair therapy makes them an ideal choice for everyone.

Let’s have a look at some of the core differences between these hair restoration techniques.


Here are some main differences to consider;

  • You don’t need to worry about downtime in PRP therapy, but an FUE hair transplant requires some downtime.
  • PRP therapy is a complete non-surgical hair restoration technique, but FUE is a minimally surgical procedure.
  • In FUE, the surgeon extracts hair follicles from the donor site, including the scalp or body. Conversely, blood is taken from an individual’s body to separate PRP for PRP treatment.
  • FUE treatment requires you to take some rest before you resume your routine life activities. But in PRP therapy, you don’t need to take off from your office. You can go to work soon after the treatment.
  • The overall cost and expenses of FUE are way more than PRP therapy. PRP is a relatively cheaper treatment.

In general, both treatments are different from each other, with unique pros and cons. However, their key goal is the same, i.e., to improve the process of hair growth.

FUE Vs. PRP Hair Transplant: What’s Your Choice?

The discussion mentioned above has made it evident that PRP therapy is different from FUE. You can go for PRP treatment if you don’t have severe hair fall.

Remember; whether you choose PRP therapy for want FUE for better hair growth, the selection of a competent surgeon truly matters. Gladly, Dubai is a prominent place and blessed with skilled hair transplant surgeons.

So, choose the best surgeon and enjoy long-lasting hair growth.


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