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The Two Trending Online Sleepwear Brands Right Now

Sleepwear or loungewear has received a lot of attention in recent times and for a reason. In Covid days with lockdowns, work from home became the new norm. All people wanted comfortable clothes to relax in as they did their office work along with household chores, especially women who had to multitask all day. This has led to a preference for comfy clothes.

The trend to relax in loungewear has caught on like wildfire and multiple brands are offering nightwear for women that offer ease, comfort as well as style. This segment has received so much attention that top brands have also introduced ladies nightwear as part of their new collections. Therefore, women today have a lot of choices in loungewear. Gone are the days, when night suits meant shapeless shirts and loose trousers only. Now, women, have loads of options and so many stylish night wear dresses to choose from.

If you are on the lookout for some classy night suits and don’t know where to start, you can check out the below list. We have narrowed the two top brands that have the most trendy and comfortable women’s sleepwear sets, nighties and separates. So spruce up your wardrobe with these stylish loungewear suits.

Sapphire Lets You Laze Around in Style!

Sapphire needs no introduction! The brand is synonymous with quality and its womenswear both ready to wear and unstitched is loved by women of Pakistan. Now, it has unveiled an awesome sleepwear collection and as expected it lives up to the expectations and the high standards of quality it is famous for.

Quality and Style Comes Together

Sapphire’s nightwear category offers a lot of styles to suit everyone’s tastes. Not only does the fashion house offer the best quality, but also quite a diverse range to add style to your daily night suits. 

Different Styles for Different Preferences

When it comes to what to wear in bed, every woman has her own ideas and definitions of comfort and at times what you want to sleep in depends on your mood and other factors such as room temperature etc. Some women prefer cute nighties, while some loose-fit jogger pants and a shirt with them are good enough. Sapphire makes sure that women of unique tastes and ages are covered. Hence it has a lot of variety from night shirts for women both short and long to long sleeve nightgowns and fancy gowns. 

You can explore its jersey or satin PJ sets in different colors. Some come with collars and buttoned fronts, while others have round necks and full sleeves. You can go for neutrals, prints, florals, striped or night suits in polka dots and other patterns.

The ladies nightshirts come in cute designs in both bright and soft color palettes and the fabric used is ultra-soft to make sure you have a good and peaceful sleeping experience. Sapphire also has night pajamas for ladies that can be bought separately if that is what you are looking for. These come in loose fit designs as well as slim-fit styles. Also, check out the checkered trousers with plain shirts that never fails to look cute. Then there are gowns that can be used in the day to cover up and be at ease as you move around the house doing different chores. These are available in elegant styles and different fabrics. 

And how can any woman’s collection ever be complete without a pink night dress. We all know it is a favorite color and a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe. Sapphire hasn’t overlooked this preference and offers 2 piece nighty sets, as well as shirts and gowns in every shade of pink you can think of.

Limelight Brings Sleepwear You Will Fall in Love With

Limelight is another top brand that has successfully launched a nightwear collection and it is doing quite well. The way women are shopping for loungewear shows the ever-increasing demand for these that was never catered to before. But now more and more brands are looking into this niche that has been neglected for quite some time. 

Discover Your Favorite Pieces to Go to Bed In

There is a lot to love about the nightwear that this brand offers. At Limelight, you can find quite an abundance of options for loungewear that is affordable as well. The night suits are beautiful to look at and also feel like heaven, so you do not have to sacrifice comfort to look stylish. It presents cotton, satin and silk night suits in different styles and fits that women find super comfortable. 

Sleep With Freedom

Limelight’s front buttoned shirts with pajamas are selling quite hot. These sets have a functional design which makes it easy to slip them on and take off. These are available in different colors and prints from checks to florals and more. Attention has been given to the smallest of details and the result is perfectly tailored suits that fit well. 

The fabric the brand has used is lusciously soft, super comfortable and gentle to your skin to make sure you can relax and unwind. In fact, these night suits are so comfortable that you would not want to take them off in the morning. You can feel free to lounge around in them all day if you want to. 

All these night suits offered by both the brands are available in different sizes from extra small to extra large. If you are doing online clothes shopping, you can consult the size chart to get the right fit. Getting the right night suit will make a world of difference to your sleeping experience. So make your snoozing time relaxing by getting a comfortable night suit. 

Experience Comfort All Night Long

While shopping for your night suit, there is one thing you should always make sure of- comfort should be your topmost priority because that is what everyone wants at night. Your nighty, gown, shirt or night suit should let you rest, enabling you to stretch your arms and legs freely. The fabric must be breathable, light and feel good. With quality nightdress comes quality sleep, so do not compromise on it and shop from the best brands. 


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