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Not Sure What Type of Body Massage Is Best for You? Here’s What You Need to Know

Well, what’s better than a full-body massage with dim lighting, soothing music, and a relaxing atmosphere after a stressful week.

However, what most people don’t realize is that during a massage, your body goes into full activation mode, even if you’re completely relaxed.

A Geylang body massage stimulates your neurological system, awakens your muscles, organs, and glands, circulates blood and lymph fluid, and causes a slew of cells to manufacture and release chemicals and hormones.

How Massage Helps Your Body to Rejuvenate Itself

Relax and unwind with a full-body massage that eliminates tension and restores your natural state of well-being.

Swedish Full Body Oil Massage

Swedish massage is a type of therapeutic massage that works on the soft tissues and muscles of the body to assist restore health while also calming and regulating the nervous system.

In a Swedish massage, the massage therapist will employ five different types of massage techniques: stroking and gliding, rubbing, kneading, tapping, vibration and pounding.

Swedish massage is most recognized for relieving tight muscles and improving overall well-being, but it also has a slew of other health advantages, including:

  • Boosting blood circulation and blow flow throughout the body
  • Lowering emotional and physical stress
  • Alleviating back pain and chronic pain by emptying out toxins
  • Helping to maintain ligaments and tendons supple and improving range of motion

So, is there anything more relaxing than receiving a Swedish massage? The Geylang body massage have particularly prepared couple and single rooms to meet your needs, allowing you to totally immerse yourself in the tranquility of relaxation.

Thai Body Massage

Thai massage is done while you are dressed. The massage facility may give a loose-fitting top and bottoms made of cotton or satin. Instead of using a massage table, as is usual in western therapies, the massage is performed on a mat or a floor mattress.

The massage is done on the ground because the therapist uses their own weight and pressure to create numerous stretches. Thai massage provides a slew of health advantages. They are as follows:

  • Reduces back pain and improves flexibility: Thai massage can help to relieve back pain and improve flexibility.
  • Headaches are relieved by Thai massage, which can help to decrease or eliminate the symptoms of migraines and tension headaches.
  • Thai massage promotes joint flexibility and function, which relieves joint stiffness and discomfort.
  • Reduces tension and anxiety: Thai massage is calming and energetic, and it can help decrease stress and anxiety. It also aids in the treatment of insomnia.
  • Increases range of motion and flexibility: Thai massage promotes athletic performance by increasing range of motion and flexibility.

Thus, Thai massages attempt to relax as well as enhance blood circulation and reduce anxiety by focusing on certain acupressure spots throughout the body.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage therapy involves applying pressure to various parts of the body’s surface with the fingers, thumbs, and palms to help heal common ailments and conditions and rectify bodily imbalances.

The application of pressure to certain spots on the body increases energy flow and corrects disharmonies throughout the body of the patient.

Shiatsu helps reduce stress, manage pain and sickness, and contribute to a patient’s general health and welfare, in addition to being a wonderfully relaxing experience.

Although the number and quality of published studies on Shiatsu massage are limited, the following are some of the benefits discovered thus far by researchers:

  • Decreased depression
  • Headache treatment
  • Improved bowel function
  • Improvement of chronic lower back pain
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Pain treatment
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved relaxation

Shiatsu massages and reflexology, for example, target specific acupressure spots on the body to enhance blood circulation and alleviate anxiety.

Increased Blood Supply to Bones with A Good Massage Session

Did you know that your bones have a blood supply and benefit from massage in the same way as your muscles do?

Your skeletal system benefits greatly from massage because blood flow transfers calcium and other minerals to your bones to promote their strength and function.

Musculoskeletal Benefits of Full Body Massage

When you contract your muscles, blood and lymph fluid are squeezed out, and when you relax them, fresh blood enters, carrying new nutrients, oxygen, and immune cells. Stretching and range of motion exercises may be incorporated into the massage, which mobilizes the joints and places helpful tension on your muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

A Healthy Heart in A Healthy Body

A full-body massage is also beneficial to your heart. Massage causes vasodilation, which enhances venous return and, as a result, blood flow and oxygen delivery to all of your organs.

Your entire cardiovascular system relaxes, and your overall circulation improves. The “rest and digest” phase of the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, which helps to regulate blood pressure and heart rate.

How to Find a Massage Therapist in Singapore

Request a reference from your doctor or another person you trust. Most states have licensure, registration, or certification requirements for massage therapists.

So, if you’re looking for Geylang wellness centre therapist, don’t be hesitant to ask them questions like:

  • Do you think I’ll need a lot of massage treatment sessions?
  • Are you licensed, certified, or registered?
  • What are your qualifications and experience?

How much will it cost, and will it be covered by health insurance?


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