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Perfect combo for Your Perfect Smile

MySmile teeth whitening bundle is the perfect combo for your perfect smile! Our Teeth Whitening Kit is great for achieving your desired white shades while the Teeth Whitening Pen works best for maintaining them. Flaunt your breathtaking smile with MySmile!

Teeth Whitening Bundle

Get the best-selling products together in a bundle and save money.

MySmile teeth Whitening bundle is the premium option of whitening as it covers more teeth at one time. It is used to start teeth whitening. 3 Gel refills are provided with it…

The whitening pen is used to maintain whitening after the desired shades have been achieved. It is not refillable and can be used only 2-3 times

MySmile gel refills Keep your smile in check with this Gel Refill, MySmile best whitening products can be used for more applications. Your initial results can start to fade over time, as everyday stains creep back in. Maintain or improve your results by keeping your Gel stocked with our Peroxide whitening formula.

MySmile best teeth whitening kit offers up to 9 sessions, as 3 gel refills are provided with it.3 Gel Refills = 9 mL

As, 1mL of whitening gel is used in one session (0.5 mL on upper tray and 0.5 mL on lower tray), 9 mL is used for up to 9 sessions.

Once the refills finish, you also have the option of ordering them separately, making our instant teeth whitening kit, the most economical and efficient choice of whitening your teeth. The recommended usage time per session is 30 – 45 minutes, depending on your desired shade.

You can compare your shades, before and after the treatment, through the shade guide provided within the instant whitening kit.

Carbamide peroxide is used in both over-the-counter whitening products and home-use remedies from your dentist.

Water-based carbamide peroxide breaks down into two components: hydrogen peroxide and water. After the breakdown occurs, the hydrogen peroxide is actually what whitens your teeth with MySmile best whitening products.

A whitening product that contains 10% carbamide peroxide will typically break down to 3.5% hydrogen peroxide, depending on the concentration.

Teeth Whitening Products

MySmile teeth whitening best products are now available in all branches of Toni&Guy North Pakistan. Now you can have free haircut for men and women on the purchase of MySmile teeth whitening bundle from our website.

These ultra-popular MySmile teeth whitening strips are dentist-approved, and are designed to remove old tooth stains that are up to 14 years old. Plus, as an added bonus, this best teeth whitening products also contains two one hour express treatments for same-day brightening results.

If you’ve been wishing your smile was a little brighter with instant whitening, there’s no shortage of various MySmile teeth whitening products there over-the-counter ranging from pens to gels to trays.

Teeth Whitening Strips

MySmile teeth whitening strips offer one of the easiest ways to score pearly (or at the very least, pearlier) whites.

MySmile has the best whitening strips out there and laud them for their use of hydrogen peroxide. Most teeth whitening strips contain hydrogen peroxide, the only ingredient clinically proven to whiten teeth. It’s the same active ingredient found in professional whitening treatments, though at a much lower concentration for the best teeth whitening products. That does mean results will be less dramatic, generally only a few shades whiter, but the upshot is much less sensitivity if any at all.


MySmile teeth whitening hydrogen-peroxide-infused strips are choice when you want results, fast; you only need to wear them for 30 minutes per day for seven days in order to see results. Equally as noteworthy is the wallet-friendly price tag, although for instant teeth whitening results recommend repeating a treatment every three months for the best effects. Still, if you want to get a brighter smile ASAP, MySmile has got great options for you.

Those who don’t want to use hydrogen peroxide for tooth sensitivity reasons should consider these instant whitening strips by MySmile, which use carbamide peroxide as an alternative active ingredient. While it ultimately releases hydrogen peroxide when it comes into contact with water, that it was less likely to cause sensitivity during in-office tooth bleaching than hydrogen peroxide. These instant whitening strips contain 20% carbamide peroxide to whiten teeth in just five days, and also earn high points with users for being comfortable on both teeth and gums.

These instant whitening strips are a unique technology that ensures they gradually dissolve after you apply them. As such, they’re ideal quick teeth whitening boosts on the go, think on your way to a big event. Though, once they do dissolve, you’ll need to wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking.

While they do contain hydrogen peroxide, they’re dissolvable, the ingredient is in contact with the teeth for a shorter period of time, which reduces the effects. Still, he does note that they’re easy to use and eco-friendly since you’re not tossing the used strip in the trash. Also these instant teeth whitening strips leave behind a fresh, peppermint flavour to freshen breath.



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Perfect combo for Your Perfect Smile

MySmile teeth whitening bundle is the perfect combo for your perfect smile! Our Teeth Whitening Kit is great for achieving your desired white shades...

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