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Winter 2021 Fashion Trends to Shop For Men, Women & Kids

Everyone has their sense of style, and a way of dressing up that makes them feel comfortable and confident, regardless of what is considered trendy in the world of fashion. Whereas, the other chunk of the population might want to adhere to the latest trends in winter fashion. A top model can step out in an oversized pair of trousers as many times before we find our self fishing out the pair of these pants and dare to wear them out on the streets. 

By trying and testing different styles of clothes, we learn the hard way or the other that some designs and cuts are not meant for our body type or personality, whilst some trends can be easily followed by almost anyone. 

Therefore, we have decided to bring you the top 5 trends that you need to try out this winter season without the worry of looking clumsy or misfit. 

Lather up with leather love

Yes, you read that right. Winter wear in 2021/22 is all about dressing up in leather fabric. Leather blazer, leather jackets, leather gloves, leather boots, or even leather pants! But you certainly don’t have to overdo it by dressing up in leather from H to T! That’s a big NO! the rule of thumb is to always mix and match leather with matte for canceling out the extra shine. 

Now you all must be thinking that where you can find these hot-looking leather blazers and women’s winter jackets within a budget? You certainly don’t have to spend lots of dollars and order one from across the sea, but can buy from our very own local clothing stores. After a thorough search, we have listed down the following stores and brands for you to check out their latest collection of winter wear for women and men:

  • Breakout
  • Outfitters
  • Engine
  • ONE
  • BTW

Visit your nearest Breakout store, for cute winter outfits for your little ones as they have some adorable looking leather jackets for both girls and boys both. On the other hand, Outfitters has got a huge variety of matte and shiny leather jackets, coats and blazers, perfect for the winter vibe as jackets with faux fur, sherpa collars, and biker jackets are the latest trends for winter 2021/22.

Furry frenzy

From bright reds to luxurious baby pink handbags, all colors were witnessed on the fall-winter 2021 runway this year. However as the year 2020 was more of comfort dressing, designers are not in the mood to shift away from that idea and want to keep that fuzzy warm clothing intact. 

Fuzzy cardigans and overalls are the next big thing this winter season. If you can’t find any stylish winter dresses for women in your closet, you can easily pull over a fuzzy cardigan on top of your pants, pair up some gold chunky jewels, and you’re ready to mesmerize everyone sitting across you.  As per our fashion editors, you may want to get your furry coats or cardigans from the following stores:

  • Breakout: they have an amusing collection of furry coats, jackets and cardigans for men, women and some from the kid’s winter clothing section as well
  • ONE: furry frenzy is not only about warm clothes for winter but also accessories, and you can find them at their stores, such as furry slip-ons, clutches, shrugs, boots, and handbags. 
  • Outfitters: looking for the perfect brown shade of full sleeve winter sweater for ladies? Check out the furry collection for women at Outfitters.  

Baggy and oversized

The body-hugging dressing is totally out of the league, and so 2020! We are about to say goodbye to 2021 already and need something fresh and new for our winter wardrobe as we are stepping into 2022. 

The fashion ramp witnessed some oversized and baggy dressing for the winter wear for women and men. The following casual winter dresses are our favorite picks for a complete winter look, so check out for these hit items:

  • Breakout: Baggy jeans for women, striped oversized winter sweater for ladies, collar cardigans for women, and chunky knit sweaters.
  • Outfitters: paper bag jeans are the latest trend, and Outfitters has this sleek white colour paper bag jeans, perfect for a sunny winter day. 
  • ONE: similarly, girls can also check out the baggy jeans collection at ONE, they have quite an affordable range of these pants in various shades.
  • BTW: Baggy jackets are also trending for men, and you can find a collection of solid parachute material jackets for men at BTW stores

Keep it shiny

As the winter season is already gloomy and dull, add some colour and life with shiny clothing options. While Shiny leather dresses are an option winter stylish winter jackets men’s such as bomber jackets, shiny boots etc. are probably going to stay in trend for a while.

For all the shiny glitz and glam check out the following winter dress for men and women options below:

  • Breakout: bomber jacket for men and women, and something for the little girls as well that includes shiny tops perfect for a birthday party along with shiny ankle boots, shiny puffed sleeves sweater and shiny leggings. 
  • ONE: for the perfect party look, you can check out the glitzy dresses and flared pants at ONE, your stop-shop for all the party dresses
  • BTW: if you’re looking for shiny sweater options, and shiny suede jackets for men, you should stop at one of BTW’s stores to fulfill your winter glam wardrobe. 

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